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SDLeisure Our Story...

SDLeisure started back in 2010, looking at wanting to produce a Goalkeeping Glove that not only looked good, but was affordable and could be worn at all levels of Football, from juniors and amateurs right through to professional. We started out with two types of GK Gloves and now we produce 5.

The first two were a Rollfinger and a Negative Cut Glove.

We still have those two original gloves in the range, but have expanded to the following:

A Neoprene Negative Cut, a Neoprene Hybrid (Rollfinger/Neg Cut) and a Hybrid (Rollfinger/Neg Cut) GK Glove with the German latex as we used with the Original Rollfinger and Negative Cut Gloves.

All SDL Gloves use either Giga, Mega, Quartz or Contact Latex on the palms on the gloves, nothing less than the best for our GK’s!

Since then, we moved into producing GK Kits, GK Training Clothing and other apparel, exclusive to the modern Goalkeeper’s wants and needs.

Lightweight and Stylish Goalkeeping Tops, Shorts and Socks in colours that match not only the current colour schemes, but also compliment the SDL Glove colours.

Also in the GK clothing range, Padded Compression Shorts,

¾ Training Pants, Lightweight Training Jumpers and Training Socks.

The next stage of evolution of SDLeisure has been slowly progressing over the past two to three years, as we are now showing on the new SDLeisure website.

Still in the SDLeisure Glove Range, but with a swing to the right or left, (pun intended), SDL Golf Gloves.

With a choice of a top quality Cabretta Leather or Synthetic/Leather style of Glove. Left Hand or Right Hand, in Ladies and Men’s sizes. We can even put your Golf Club or Golf Course logo on the wrist tab. But you need to talk to us about that.


Now as we head into the next 10 years of SDLeisure, there's  almost nothing we cant supply!

Clothing in the way of Club Wear, Leisure Wear, Trade Wear, Corporate Wear and now Health/Hospital Wear, we can even get you PPE or Promotional Items, sort out your Embroidery, Screen-printing or Heat Pressing requirements…just ask and the team at SDL, as we are commonly known as, can assist you with your online queries, questions and quote... we will answer within 24 hours, if not sooner.



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