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SDLeisure Testimonials...


I've definitely been a huge fan of SDL Gloves for about 4 years now. The day I put on the All Black Roll Fingers I knew this was a glove for me, it was not only the long lasting latex,  but also the incredible grip on the latex was outstanding and not to mention how comfortable these gloves actually are. I just can’t see myself wearing any other glove than the SDL All Black Roll Fingers.

I feel extremely confident I’m whether I'm training or in a game whilst wearing my SDL Gloves.

I highly recommend SDL Gloves for any keeper looking for long lasting, grippy and comfortable gloves.

Nic Speca

1st Team Keeper

Bayswater City (WANPL)


Having played for many years as a Professional and Semi Professional Goalkeeper, I've been through my fair share of GK Gloves of various brands and styles. For me, SDL Gloves are as good as they get for grip, comfort, durability, range and at a price you can afford.

That's why I recommend SDL GK Gloves.


A Pro's Choice of Glove 

Nick Stone

Ex AFC Bournemouth (UK)

Kitchee Po Chai Pills (Hong Kong)

Swan IC ( WA State League)


I first started wearing SDL Gloves when I wore a pair after winning the 2020 Perth Goalkeeper Battle. I now have a few more SDL Gloves and find them to be supper comfy and the palm latex is grippy and long lasting.

 I would highly recommend SDL Gloves to any GKs out there at any level.

Shivani Battiglia

Perth Soccer Club


I have been a wearer and supplier of SDL Gloves for over 8 years in Victoria. The gloves are terrific for young keepers as well as the seasoned senior keepers. I find the quality of the latex to me really good and durable meaning that they do not shown signs of wearing out after 3 to 4 sessions. I recommend all keepers look at SDL Gloves.

Will Meadows

GK Coach

GK4All (Vic)

After using SDL Gloves, I dont even bother looking for anywhere else.

They are comfy, durable and stay grippy longer than other gloves I've used in the past.

My favorite SDL Glove is the All White Hybrid.

Bec Bennett

Perth Soccer Club


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