The most important thing we have learnt in producing the gloves is to listen and learn for the feedback from you, the Goalkeepers, as to form, fit and functionality with clean lines, colours and simple but bold statement to produce a GK Glove that "fits like a glove", in Australia


There are now five (5) types of gloves in the SDL Leisure range: the Rollfinger Goalkeeping Glove, the Negative Cut Goalkeeping Glove,  and the Negative Roll Hybrid Goalkeeping Glove.



This is the preferred cut for the majority of GK's. This cut is favoured because it offers 100% latex in contact with the ball at all times, assuring greater confidence when catching the ball. We have three different types of Latex on the Rollfingers, Mega Black on the junior sizes, Giga Latex on the Orginal Rollfinger and Contact Latex on the "ALL BLACK "Rollfinger in the senior sizes



SDL received many requests to include a GK Glove called a "Neg" glove into the range. This glove offers a tigher fit due to the internal stitching and also uses latex gussets to allow for more security when catching the ball and as it is a softer glove, more contact and control with the ball. 4mm Mega Latex for more durability is used for the palm.



The “Negative Roll” cut is a hybrid style that combines negative and roll finger to produce an even greater level of comfort, fit and feel. The fingers are rolled in the same way any roll finger glove will, but the inside of the palm is stitched much like a negative glove. The benefits of this combination mean that if a snug fit is your thing and you are a fan of negative gloves, you can have an even better fit but with more latex contact on the ball thanks to the rolled fingers. For those used to a more open or loose fitting glove you may want to consider going one size up when choosing a glove with this cut. We use Quartz Latex on the palm for better grip in all conditions with durability.

The style of glove worn rests solely with the GK. It is personal preference and each glove is unique in it's own way, therefore. no glove is better than the other



  • Before use, rinse gloves under warm running water

  • When washing, use warm water

  • Never dry gloves in direct sunlight

  • Never allow gloves to dry out completely, keep moist during use and store in glove bag after use to avoid drying out